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Green Tech Tips for Energy Efficiency

With all the data centers sprouting up these days, everyone is trying to figure out the best ways to manage their power resources. Energy efficiency becomes an important topic when you take into consideration the tremendous amount of energy…

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X variable symbol in brackets. Represents Variable rate energy plan from City Power and Gas. Energy supplier.

The Benefits of a Variable Rate Energy Plan

Here at City Power and Gas, we understand the need for both a reliable and flexible energy supplier. Life can be hard and unpredictable, so you need an energy plan that meets your economic needs. That is why we…

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4 locks. Representing Fixed rate energy deals

The Benefits of Fixed Rate Energy Deals

Energy is one of the essential tools we need on a regular basis. Without it, we could not be able to run the utilities for our home lives. And yet, many energy companies can serve their customers an inconvenience…

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Stove Burner Natural Gas from energy supplier

Essential Benefits of Natural Gas

As an energy supplier, we are proud to provide many benefits to our clients. It is always awesome to see strong customer service and flexible pricing put smiles on our clients’ faces. Although these company benefits are always encouraging,…

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Myths about Switching

Energy deregulation has been available in many states for some time now giving residential and commercial customers the ability to take advantage of better pricing and rebate offers. If you are in a deregulated market your utility will always…

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Repair and maintenance of wind turbines

For consumers wanting to generate their own green power, installing a small wind turbine may be an option. Small wind turbines are electric generators that use the energy of the wind to produce clean, emissions-free power for individual homes,…

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