How To Pick The Best Energy Provider

Many states have begun to deregulate the rules surrounding energy providers, and subsequently, new, competing electricity companies have started popping up everywhere. However, with an abundance of companies comes a variety of quality. With that said, you’ll want to…

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Environmentally Friendly

Ways You Can Be More Environmentally Friendly

When it comes to what you can do personally to help the environment, you might not be able to single handedly save the planet, but you sure can help. Of course, one way to be more environmentally friendly is…

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Power and Gas Provider

Tips For Selecting a Power and Gas Provider

Choosing a gas or power provider can sound like a daunting task. But, with an arsenal of tips at your side, you are bound to find an company that can meet your needs. Just make sure you think long…

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local energy suppliers

Green Tech Tips for Energy Efficiency

With all the data centers sprouting up these days, everyone is trying to figure out the best ways to manage their power resources. Energy efficiency becomes an important topic when you take into consideration the tremendous amount of energy…

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Green Products

The Best Green Products To Transform Your Home

The home is an obvious choice for people to extend their love of green, eco-friendly products to. There are a bevy of amazing green products that you will love to transform your house with. In the last ten or…

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Home Greener

How to Make Your Home Greener

You may love your home, but is it green enough? Well, what does that even mean, anyways? Basically, the greenness of your home refers to how environmentally-friendly it is. These days, you’re going to want your home to be…

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Move to These Green Cities

If you feel like all you see is smog and your carbon footprint seems to be taking over your entire city, it might be time to move to a place that is a little greener. It might seem a…

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Natural Wonders That Will Make You an Environmentalist

Here at City Power and Gas, we are committed to providing our customers with premium gas and power and are similarly committed to delivering it in cost-effective, morally ethical, environmentally-friendly ways. With that said, we are big lovers of…

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